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Start a Small Business: Your Path To Freedom And Success

So, you are ready to start a small business or are already a small business owner.  Well that is what we are too!  

If you're like us, the reason you got into entrepreneurship was for the dream of building something awesome that creates value for your clients, and eventually will allow you and your family to have the life of your dreams.  Being the owner of your own company is a big deal!  It is incredibly rewarding, and can also be incredibly challenging at times. When you're the boss, there's nobody to blame when things don't work out.  You need to find real answers that work, not advice from textbooks or from professors who haven't actually run a real business.

We've been self-employed business owners with almost 20 years of combined experience, and we love it!  We can't go back to working for someone else, because we've already built our first successful service business that consistently generates over $100,000 per year in income for our family.

small business coachPeter and Zoë Van Gundy

From Peter:

The knowledge and skills I've learned mean that I don't have to advertise for work anymore; repeat business, word of mouth referrals, and online reviews keep me busy all the time.  I have learned some incredibly painful and difficult lessons, and I've also made great decisions.  

I've distilled over 10 years of business experience into simple principles, strategies, and action steps that can help you bring in more revenue, lower critical expenses, boost your profits, decrease your headaches, and increase your quality of life.  

This isn't some Holy Grail or quick fix; this is the place to learn quickly, start a small business, and easily master the principles that took me over 10 years to learn by trial and error.  If you can learn how to consistently bring in roughly $500 take home income per work day and keep your expenses low with our simple strategies, then you can work your way up to $100,000 as well. 

From Zoë:

We've really been through it all, and I know how hard it can be feeling unsupported by your employee-mentality family and friends.

Peter and I want to create a place for entrepreneurs and small business owners can get the help and support you need to reach success. We've created systems that can streamline your business, giving you more time, flexibility, and more regular cash flow so you can enjoy your life and spend time doing the things you love.

Nine out of ten small businesses fail within the first five years, and of those that succeed, only one out of those ten will still be in business by year ten. Don't become a statistic! Learn from us to grow your business and avoid the pitfalls most small business owners make. 

Remember, being skilled at your profession does not a successful business owner make. Running a business takes a whole separate set of skills, skills that take sometimes costly experience to learn if you don't have the right coach. We are here to help you boost your profits, lower expenses, build strong systems for your business, and improve your life. 

What Types Of Small Business Owners Can Benefit?

All types of local service business owners can benefit including:

  • Window cleaners
  • Salon owners
  • Photographers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Florists
  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Yoga studios 
  • Coffee shop owners
  • Restaurant owners
  • Contractors, builders 
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Small Law Offices
  • Doctor Offices
  • Anyone else who serves their clients in a specific geographic area will find great tips to take their business to the next level.

Small Business Success

Some who is looking to start a small business and business owners who are self-employed and currently have less than 10 employees will benefit the most, although larger business owners can benefit too.

We are also super excited to help business owners who are courageously making the transition from being employees who worked for somebody else to those who own their own small firms and are looking for practical advice, knowledge and skills from a real entrepreneur who has actually done it.  Our goal is to make it quick and simple for you to learn how to start a small business, increase revenue, lower expenses, increase your quality of life, and become a person of greater character and skill.  

We want to empower you on your mission to small business success, and to making over $100K on a consistent basis!

Start Your Success Here:

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     Business Set Up         Financing Your Business        Hiring Help   

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Small Business Owners! We'd love to help you boost revenue, lower expenses, earn more profit, and elevate the quality of your life!

Posted by on Monday, March 21, 2016

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